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Flow Rings

The newest craze of 2018: Flow Rings!

Prepare your collection for the latest trend with the gadget of 2018; the Flow Rings!

This new gadget consists of one piece of metal. Grab the ring, pull it up and it will magically jump open. Play fun guaranteed! The Flow Rings can roll around different objects. Just try it on your arm and see how it works, it rolls like a metallic bubble! Do you want to fold the Flow Ring again? Then press gently on the top and it will form  into a ring again.

If you don't want to miss out on the successor of the Squishy Toys, then order the Flow Rings directly!

  • 100% nickel free
  • According to the latest trends
  • Place your order before 3PM and you will receive your order within a week (Europe only)
  • Safe and easy payment with iDeal, PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, Mistercash, SOFORTbanking or Giropay. 
  • Attractive volume discounts starting from orders of  €200 and up.  (€200 =10% discount, €400= 15% discount, €600 = 17.5% discount, €800 = 20% discount, €1500 = 21% discount, €3000 = 22% discount, €5000 = 23% discount, €10000 = 24% discount, €20000 = 25% discount, Contact us on orders over €30.000. All prices are excluding VAT.)