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S C A R F | How to wear the musthave accessorie of this spring and summer?

Time for a new blog! This time the blog is about an absolute musthave for this spring season, namely the fashionable scarves with prints! This spring, for example, we see mostly exotic designs of flowers and animals, but the scarves with busy prints are HOT too!

This accessory we saw last autumn already in the ‘famersscarf’ look around the neck but this spring you can style this scarf in various ways. Sometimes you can by wearing just only one accessory give your outfit a real update! The scarf is a good example of this accessory. Yehwang has expanded the collection with many different silk scarves with cute prints. But how do you wear these scarves? Here are some tips on how to wear these scarves!

  • Knot: in the warm summer days it’s great when your can wear your hair as a bun. Boring? Not at all! Give the knot a trendy look with a scarf tied around the knot. In this way the scarf is practical and stylish!
  • Neck bow. Wear the scarf around the neck as a bow. Give your outfit a tough or a chic look. The can tie the scarf casually for a semi-tough look, and tied as a choker for a more stylish look. Choose a colored scarf with a basic outfit and make your outfit complete!
  • Wrist. Sometimes you just don’t want to wear a bracelet, but nothing on your wrist is too plane jane. The solution, tie a scarf around your wrist!
  • Belt. A belt can sometimes be boring, but Yehwang has a nice alternative. Wear the Yehwang scarves as a strap or bow him by a pant loop. This way you wear the scarf as a real eyecatcher.
  •  Headband. The scarf can also be worn as a headband! In this way you make a real eyecatcher of your hair, whether you have long locks or just a short haircut! Tip, go for a nice bright lipstick in the same color of the scarf.

In short, the scarf is multifunctional to wear and a real asset to any spring collection. Have you bought the new scarfs of Yehwang allready? Present the scarves in a fun and original way in your store or shop. Let your creativity flow and do as our ladies in the showroom in Amsterdam and give for example a wooden tree a trendy look! Remember, of course, not to show the style tips to your customers. Because a satisfied customer is a happy customer <3

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