Discounts and coupons at Yehwang

The Yehwang shipping rules are based on country regions.

Region Flat Rate Shipping for orders over (excl. VAT)
Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Luxemburg €6,95 €100,00
Denmark, Norway, Serbia, Switzerland €19,95 €200,00
Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia,Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, UK €9,95 €200,00
Cyprus €19,95 €500,00
US, Canada €44,95 €1000,00
Rest of Europe €49,95 €1000,00
Guadeloupe €65,00 €1000,00
Asia €79,95 €1000,00
Africa, Oceania, Russia, Central and South-America €99,95 €1000,00

Special sale categories

Sale categories (50% OFF, 60% OFF & 70% OFF) are listed on homepage top navigation menu.[Our special sale categories (50% off, 60% off and 70% off) are listed in the top navigation menu.

The volume discounts work in the following way:

10% discount on €200.- (excl. VAT)
15% discount on €400.- (excl. VAT)
17.5% discount on €600.- (excl. VAT)
20% discount on €800.- (excl. VAT)
21% discount on €1500.- (excl. VAT)
22% discount on €3000.- (excl. VAT)
23% discount on €5000.- (excl. VAT)
24% discount on €10000.- (excl. VAT)
25% discount on €20000.- (excl. VAT)
Contact us on €30000.- (excl. VAT)
These discounts will automatically be deducted from your invoice.
A discount code can usually be used on every order.
When there are multiple discounts connected to your order:
- The highest discount will be deducted from your order
No disount code can be applied on sale products

Coupon codes

Promotion codes (coupon codes) can be used when you are about to complete your order by payment. (Coupon codes will be offered during special sale events). It is important to note that you need to enter the code yourself in the special ‘code’ section because the discount will not be automatically deducted from your order.

Membership levels and Membership points

According to the different membership levels the customers will get a discount. As a customer you also collect membership points after you have paid for your order. Read more about the Yehwang Membership at the special introduction page.

The special discount coupons for new registered customers

The special discount coupons for new registered customers will be automatically deducted from an order. (The special coupons for new customers will be offered during special registration events).