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Have you seen this elegant trend?

Natural materials are all the hype right now and so our new natural stone collection is perfect to jump on this trend. We’ve mixed stainless steel and hematite beads with colourful, natural stones like black agate, African pine, aventurine, rose quartz, white jade, emperor jasper, green agate, amethyst, red aventurine, red agate, tianhe, amazonite and rhodochrosite. This high-quality collection is sure to add some class to your shop and your customers will love the way they look and the benefits of the stones.

Benefits of the stones

  • Black agate: a healing stone associated with grounding effects, calming energy and protection
  • African pine stone: a stone that brings good luck, protection, and love
  • Green Aventurine: a stone for good luck and to attract abundance
  • Rose quartz: a love stone that boosts feelings of self-love and love for others
  • White jade: a calming stone that brings love
  • Emperor jasper: a grounding stone that brings stability and comfort
  • Green agate: a healing stone that increases compassion
  • Amethyst: a calming stone that offers protection and inner peace
  • Red aventurine: a stone that motivates you to take action and make dreams come true
  • Red agate: a stone that promotes safety and grounding
  • Tianhe: a stone of confidence
  • Amazonite: a soothing stone that enchances love
  • Rhodochrosite: a healing stone that helps you find love and forgiveness



Shop the look

Bracelet forever hearts - gold Stainless Steel

Earrings stainless steel chic small Gold

Anklet hearts white - silver

Ekelband clovers white - gold

Fabric bracelet hearts Black &amp; Gold Stainless Steel

Beaded bracelet colorful - black - Natural stones collection Black &amp; Gold Stainless Steel

Beaded bracelet combined - black - Natural stones collection Black &amp; Gold Stone

Beaded bracelet subtle - black - Natural stones collection Black &amp; Gold Stainless Steel

Elastic bead ring - black - natural stone collection Black &amp; Gold Stone One size

Necklace small links Gold Stainless Steel

Bracelet wide links Gold Stainless Steel

Link bracelet basic Gold Stainless Steel

Beaded bracelet different beads - black - Natural stones collection Black &amp; Gold Stone

Link chain basic Gold Stainless Steel

Bracelet beads gold/black Black &amp; Gold Stone

Link bracelet with heart

Fabric bracelet circle Green Stainless Steel