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Are you looking for jewelry with a touch of spring?

Yehwang jewelry is a nice choice! We have flower collection for your webshop or store.

Jewelry with flower elements is a timeless and beautiful way to add a touch of nature to your wardrobe.

From delicate and dainty to bold and statement-making, floral jewelry comes in a variety of styles to suit any taste. 

Shop the look

Piercing Flowerish

Piercing Tiny Flower

Ring Diamond Flowers

Ring Flower Field

Earrings Flower

Earcuff Flowers in a Row

Double rings litle flowers

Elegant Flower Ring Gold

Ear stud flower

Ring Three Flowers

Earcuff little flowers

Stainless Steel Earstuds Flower

Little hoops with flower

Stainless steel bracelet with little flowers

Stainless steel necklace with little flower

Beaded Flower Ring With Pearl

Stainless Steel Earrings Beaded Flower

Stainless steel golden bracelet flower

Stainless steel bracelet flower

Necklace with flowerpearl

Necklace with flower coin charms

Earrings with colorful flowers

Stainless steel earrings with flower pattern

Fabric bracelet flower

Beaded toe ring with flower

Earrings abstract flower

Yellow flower earrings - #summergirls collection

Zircon flower pendant earrings

Zircon flower earrings

Belly chain flowers

Belly chain flowers and pearls

Pink flower earrings - Beach collection

Necklace pink flower - Beach collection

Flower smiley bracelet - Rainbow collection

Flower smiley necklace - Rainbow collection

Necklace flower shell - Beach collection

Flower bracelet - Beach collection

Flower anklet - Beach collection

Flower earrings - Beach collection

Earrings with big flower charm

Earrings three flowers - Sparkle collection

Earrings flower - Sparkle collection

Flower candy ring

Flower earrings with beads - gold/white

Earrings colorful flowers

Earrings flower with zircon - Sparkle Collection

Earrings 1 flower

Bracelet 1 flower

Necklace 3 flowers

Piercing small flower - Sparkle collection

Piercing flower - Sparkle collection

Piercing flower - Sparkle collection

Earrings heart flower

Necklace enamel flower

Bracelet enamel flower