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Diy jewelry supplies

Circle charm initial A

MSRP $5.95

Circle charm initial A

MSRP $5.95

Charm shapes

MSRP $7.95

DIY charm pearl

MSRP $4.95

Stainless steel DIY charm clover

MSRP $5.95

Stainless steel crescent moon charm

Stainless steel DIY charm butterfly

MSRP $5.95

Stainless steel DIY charm


Diy jewelry supplies

Do you make your own jewelry and are you looking for DIY jewelry supplies for your fashion brand? Yehwang loves to get crafty and has a whole category full of wholesale DIY jewelry supplies that will help you to make the most unique and trendy jewelry pieces. We will show you all the DIY jewelry ideas we have in mind for your webshop or store! 

Buy Yehwang’s DIY jewelry supplies online

At Yehwang wholesale you can get all the stuff that you need to make your own jewelry. If you are a big fan of making DIY beaded jewelry, we have jewelry beads where you can make cute bracelets with. Just add some jewelry cords to your basket and you’re all set. 

To make your work a little easier, we have a DIY jewelry holder and some basic supplies. This way, you can lay out all the stuff that you need and work more organized. 


Charms for your DIY necklaces

Are you not that crafty but would you like to compile your own personal necklace? Yehwang has lots of necklaces where you can hang a charm on. We have lots of DIY crystal jewelry charms, made of the materials’ zircon, stainless steel, glass and natural stones. With these necklaces and charms, you can mix endlessly and style differently for each outfit. 


You can also do this with earrings. Yehwang Wholesale has some beautiful basic hoop earrings where you can hang your charms on. You can also buy charm earrings, to mix and match it with other charms. Wear it asymmetrical or combine it with other colors, so you can make a unique piece without crafting too much.  


DIY jewelry box organizer 

Another way to organize your DIY jewelry supplies, is to use one of Yehwang’s jewelry boxes. They have a lot of space to store everything you need to make the most beautiful items. Would you like to make the jewelry even more personal or put all your creations on a DIY jewelry display? Check our packing and display category for nice displays and packing materials, such as gift bags and stickers

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