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Item quantity (3080)
Earrings clover and shell with print - pink
Earrings clover and shell with print - beige
Statement earrings with print - gold/camel
Statement earrings with print - gold/beige
Stud earrings flower with stone - gold/green
Stud earrings flower with stone - silver/green
Ring colorful dot - gold/orange
Ring colorful dot - gold/black
Ring colorful dot - gold/green
Earrings heart mandela - gold
Earrings heart mandela - silver
Double flower stud earring - gold
Double flower stud earring - silver
Earrings festive pattern - gold
Earrings festive pattern - silver
Earrings classy - gold
Earrings classy - silver
Ring vintage rectangle - gold
Ring vintage rectangle - silver
Round earrings with print - gold
Round earrings with print - silver
Necklace 6 leaf clovers - gold
Necklace 6 clovers - silver
Necklace 2 birds - gold
Necklace 2 birds - silver
Bracelet with stones
Bracelet with stones
Bracelet 2 birds - gold
Bracelet 2 birds - silver
Bracelet 6 clovers - gold
Bracelet 6 clovers - silver
Ring elegant with stones - gold
Ring elegant with stones - silver
Ring three layers with a row of stones - gold
Ring three layers with a row of stones - silver
Ring three layers with row of stones - gold/multi
Ring stripes with stones - gold
Ring stripes with stones - silver
Ring stripes with stones - gold/multi
Ring stones with cross - gold
Ring stones with cross - silver
Ring stones with herb - gold/multi
Ring bubbly with stones - gold
Ring bubbly with stones - silver
Ring cut out with moon - gold
Ring cut out with moon - silver
Polymer beads cloud purple polymer clay
Polymer beads cloud pink polymer clay
Polymer beads cloud blue polymer clay
Polymer beads cloud green polymer clay
Polymer beads cloud orange polymer clay
Polymer beads cloud yellow polymer clay
Ring layered colored detail - gold/white
Ring layered colored detail - gold/pink
Ring layered colored detail - gold/green
Ring layered colored detail - purple
Earrings round coin stones - gold
Earrings round coin stones - silver
Earrings zircon coin - gold
Earrings zircon coin - silver
Earrings four directions - gold
Earrings four directions - silver
Minimalist earrings with flower - gold
Minimalist earrings with flower - silver
Necklace three-layer charm - gold
Necklace three-layer charm - silver
Necklace donut and rhinestones - gold
Necklace donut with stones - silver
Slave bracelet stones - gold
Slave bracelet stones - silver
Bracelet vintage eye catcher - gold
Bracelet vintage eye catcher - silver
Round party bracelet with stones - gold
Round party bracelet with stones - silver
Necklace heart with balls - gold
Necklace heart with balls - silver
Bracelet balls with heart - gold
Bracelet balls with heart - silver
Earrings graceful G - gold
Earrings graceful G - silver
Eiffel Tower coin earrings - gold
Eiffel Tower coin earrings - silver
Zircon row earrings - gold
Zircon row earrings - silver
Minimalist bee earrings - gold
Minimalist bee earrings - silver
Necklace colored charm - gold/black
Necklace colored charm - gold/green
Necklace colored charm - gold/white
Round natural stone ring with sun -
Round natural stone ring with sun -
Round natural stone ring with sun -
Round natural stone ring with sun -
Necklace balls and circles - gold
Necklace balls and circles - silver
Earrings with flower/star charm - gold
Earrings with flower/star charm - silver
Necklace 2 pistols - gold
Necklace 2 pistols - silver
Colorful crescent moon earrings - fuchsia
Colorful crescent moon earrings - purple
Colorful crescent moon earrings - brown
Colorful crescent moon earrings - green
Colorful crescent moon earrings - blue
Asymmetrical hoops - gold
Asymmetrical hoops - silver
Earrings minimalist diamond with stone - gold
Earrings minimalist diamond with stone - silver
Minimalist round earrings with star and moon - gold
Minimalist round earrings with star and moon - silver
Earrings minimalist round with star - gold
Minimalist round earrings with star - silver


Jewelry is a woman's best friend and selecting the most beautiful pieces of jewelry is what we at Yehwang are great at! We design and source the cutest pieces for you!

Online jewelry wholesale Yehwang

Are you looking for an online jewelry wholesale? Yehwang jewelry has many trendy items especially for your webshop or store. At Yehwang, we think it’s important to create jewelry pieces for everyone. This way you can choose your own complete product range full of jewelry in many colors, shapes, and sizes. So, would you like to start your own fashion brand or business? Or do you want to expand your current product range? Then you have come to the right place at Yehwang Wholesale!

Shop your whole collection at online jewelry wholesale Yehwang

Our jewelry collection exists of bracelets, necklaces, rings, anklets and jewelry for kids. We offer the trendiest must-haves by following trends closely and quickly responding to them. Whether you are looking for colorful jewelry with beads, chunky jewelry, jewelry with stones or jewelry with fun quotes. We have it all so there is something for everyone!

As you now know, Yehwang is a b2b jewelry wholesale that has a lot of different styles for your webshop or store. You can create a whole collection yourself, but Yehwang can also help you a bit. We have fully packed displays with jewelry, that are complete ready for you to sell. Bracelet display sets, earrings display sets, necklace display sets and rings display sets. Perfect to buy right away and put in your shop. You can also look at our display materials. In this category you can by empty displays that you can fill up yourself if you want to pick out your own product range.

Are you looking for a specific item? We have a search function on the website where you can find all our items on product number and name. For example, if you’re looking for a North star necklace, you can look for it on the website using the search function.

Wholesale jewelry supplies

Are you making your own jewelry? Yehwang sells wholesale jewelry supplies that you can use for your own webshop or store. We have a wide range of DIY jewelry supplies, like jewelry beads, jewelry charms, jewelry cordsjewelry closures and jewelry working tools. This way you can make a unique item for your customs.

Stainless steel and gold plated jewelry in silver and gold

All our jewelry is produced in China at loyal factories that we have worked with for years; they have good working conditions for their employees and supply good quality jewelry that is mainly made of stainless steel and metal with a gold plated layer. The layer of gold that is applied over our gold plated jewelry is 14 or 18 karats and has a thickness of 2.5 microns. For silver jewelry we use white gold and for rose colored jewelry we use rose gold. A layer of gold is also applied over the stainless steel jewelry and the color of the gold determines the color of the jewelry. The stainless steel jewelry is made of stainless steel 304 or stainless steel 316.

Quality of Yehwang b2b jewelry wholesale

The quality of this jewelry remains good for a long time, but we always advise not to wear the jewelry while sleeping, showering, exercising and similar activities. For the best maintenance of the jewelry, avoid contact with water, perfume, hairspray and body lotion. In some cases, the PH value of the skin can have a negative effect on the jewelry and cause discoloration. All Yehwang jewelry is nickel free.

Packing materials

To make the orders from your customers look better, you can use our packing materials. We have many paper jewelry bags with prints where you can put the jewelry in, so it will look like a present. Another way to pack earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces, is by putting it in jewelry boxes. These boxes can be used for each jewelry item and make the order look classy. To finish up the order, you can put a sticker on top of the bags or boxes. Do you want to ship your order safely? No problem! We have lot of shipping materials, such as envelopes, plastic shipping bags and tissue paper.

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