Frequently Asked Questions

Products that are currently out of stock can already be reserved and paid for through pre-orders. These products have already been reordered by us and are on their way to our warehouse. From pre-order to delivery it will take approximately one month before the stock reaches our warehouse and we can dispatch your order.

Pre-order products can be recognized on our website by the label PRE-ORDER. You will find a complete overview of these products on our Pre-order products page.

Just as for normal orders a pre-order must have a minimum value of € 50,- excluding VAT, No exceptions can be made.

Each pre-order product shows an expected delivery week. This is the week in which we expect to receive the products into our warehouse.  This is not the week in which you will receive your order. You can combine products with different delivery weeks into one pre-order.  The difference between the earliest and latest availability within the same order cannot exceed 3 weeks. For example, products from week 40 and week 42 can be combined into one order. Products from week 40 and week 43 cannot be combined.  Please note: orders with products from different delivery weeks will only ship after the order is complete. You will be notified by e-mail when the package has shipped. It may happen that shipments into our warehouse experience a slight delay. In that case we will do our best to give you a timely update about the new delivery date.

Pre-order products cannot be combined with stocked items. Two separate orders will need to be placed. For each order the minimum order value applies. 

Another reason why you might not be able to place a pre-order is if you have never ordered from us before. Pre-order items are only visible and can only be ordered if you've already placed a regular order with us. 

This is indeed possible. If you would like to order products that are out of stock or almost out of stock, just contact our customer service to place a pre-order right away. The minimum quantity for your personal pre-order is 50 pieces. Pre-ordering of clothes needs to be confirmed with our supplier first before we can place a pre-order. 

Pre-order products enjoy a 5% discount as these items have not arrived into our warehouse yet. Customers will need to wait a bit longer for their products to be shipped out so therefore we like to offer you a discount!

Once pre-order products arrive into our warehouse, the discounted price will change into the regular selling price. 

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