Are you considering creating your own jewelry line? 
And you are not completely certain how to make this happen? 
Yehwang can help you with this!
Yehwang wholesale can assist you with the development and realization of your own jewelry brand. The possibilities of our private label production are endless. Jewelry can be produced starting from 150 pieces per unique item! Let's take an example; if you’d like to produce a necklace in different colors the minimum quantity per color necklace will be 150 pieces. It is also possible to personalize your products with the name and/or logo of your own brand or to add labels and personalized packaging.
Starting your own private label at Yehwang consists of two options: 
- You can either develop your own designs (we will never make use of these designs for the Yehwang collection) 
- Visit our head office in Ede. Here you can see our latest products for you to customize.
Before production is started samples are created. When the samples are exactly as desired we will start the production process. Delivery time, prices and quantity are subject to the specifications of the product. Of course quotations can be sent to you upon request. 
If you have any questions about private label productions or if you'd like to receive customized advice, then contact us via